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We regret to inform you that virtually no questions have been asked, let alone asked frequently. If and when someone asks a question, and if and when other people ask the same question at a frequency we deem fit to call "frequent," we will promptly post the question as well as the answer here in this section.
For now, here are some questions we thought people might ask:


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1. Josh, Ben, what the heck is BORDER PATROL?

"Border Patrol" is Comedy Central web series that was Created, Written and Produced by Josh Greenbaum & Ben McMillan. It is similar in tone to THE OFFICE and RENO 911!, and is actually pretty funny.

2. Where did it come from?

Two summers ago, when we were broke and down on our luck, Josh and Ben headed out to the California desert on the hottest day of the year (Ben's car's thermometer read 125 at one point), with three of our favorite actors and a camera. We shot what is now known as "WEEKEND 47: The OASIS" also our "pilot" episode. It's the story of three guys who drive to the US-Mexico Border every weekend and sit in lawn chairs, determined to "do a little somethin' for the country." After 47 weekends, they haven't seen a single illegal attempting to cross over, so they build an "Oasis" complete with nachos, Tecate beer, and mariachi music, with the hopes of 'luring' someone over the border.

Comedy Central saw that film and thought it was funny enough to hire us to make 5 more episodes, which are being released now on the Internet.

3. Where is it going?

Right now it is going on the web, but we are also currently developing it for Comedy Central as 30 minute television show. And we are working alongside legendary movie producer Ivan Reitman (GHOSTBUSTERS, OLD SCHOOL) who saw the short and loved it, and is now one of the producers on the project.

4. Is it Funny? Because I've seen a lot of web comedy and none of it is funny...

We agree, with a few exceptions. But this isn't like other web shows. This is more like a TV show that plays on your computer.

5. Who is in it?

David Rogers, Tom Lenk, Michael Trotter. Since you've probably never heard of them, here are their names as they are known here in Hollywood.

Tom Lenk aka "That Guy from the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER TV Show"
David Rogers aka "That Guy from Several TV Pilots that never got picked up. And, who is also handsome."
Michael Trotter aka "That Guy."

6. Where can I watch BORDER PATROL?

Two places online:
1- www.atom.com We are on the home page right now, but otherwise, there is a list of our videos at borderpatrol.atom.com
2- We've also created our own site at www.borderpatroltheshow.com with more information and bios, etc. and you are already here so congratulations!

One place on TV:
1- Comedy Central has a new show airing on Monday nights at 2 am called ATOM TV that several of our episodes are being featured in. Our next episode airs on 7/14 and then 7/28 so set your Tivo's! (remember it's technically Tuesday morning)

7. When do new episodes come out?

Every Monday, a new episode will be released on the site. As of Monday, July 28th, all six webisodes have been released. We are currently writing the pilot episode for a 30-minute television show of BORDER PATROL to air on Comedy Central. Stay tuned...

8. Cool show! But what can I do to get the word out there?

Great Question, Mom! The best thing you can do is to forward this website to as many people as you want. And tell them that if they don't forward this to everyone they know, that something very very bad is going to happen. Or just tell them that you found a funny show and are trying to spread the word.