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01.16.09 - We've finished the pilot script and it's brilliant! Now it's up to              Comedy Central to see if they want to shoot the pilot episode.              Fingers crossed!!

11.5.08 - We officially began writing the 30-minute television pilot of               BORDER PATROL for Comedy Central.

09.11.08 - Specialty web series critic site Tilzy.tv reviewed BORDER               PATROL. Read the REVIEW here.

08.16.08 - Verizon V-Cast just released an interview they did with us in San               Diego at Comic-Con...

Border Patrol V CAST Interview

07.28.08 - The season finale "Weekend #52: Tijuana" just released!

07.27.08 - Specialty web series critic Tubefilter.tv reviewed BORDER               PATROL just as the series wraps up. Read the REVIEW here.

07.26.08 - We were invited to attended Comic-Con in San Diego to sign               autographs and promote the show to over 200,000 people. You can               see some pictures from the weekend on our Comic-Con pics page.

07.21.08 - The fifth episode "Weekend #51: Drogas" is released!

- BORDER PATROL available for download on iTunes!!!

- The fourth episode "Weekend #50: The Three Amigos" is               released!

- The third episode "Weekend #49: The Crow's Nest" is released!

06.30.08 - The second episode "Weekend #48: The Great Fence" is released!

06.25.08 - The first episode "Weekend #47: The Oasis" is released!

06.24.08 - BORDER PATROL aired on Comedy Central's new show               ATOM TV on Monday and we got our first review from the NY               Daily News and some press as well from WIRED Magazine!

06.23.08 - Atom.com launches their new site and with it, the "The Trailer"               for the upcoming release of BORDER PATROL, a six webisode               series.